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"Although the chemical industry and the oil and gas industry have used advanced analytics for some time now, Aurubis is playing a pioneering role in the metalworking industry with the SCOPE project. This brings us the competitive edge."

— Dr. Bernd Drouven, Member of the Supervisory Board

We worked with Aurubis to build an integrated value-based planning tool, called SCOPE (Supply Chain OPtimization and Excellence), to manage the complexity in production portfolio, planning the entire primary copper supply chain, considering the technical restrictions and commercial constraints.


  • Increased revenue based on continuous portfolio optimization.
  • Workload reduction gaining time for scenario analysis & decision making.
  • Joint workflow for purchasing and production planning.

About Aurubis
Aurubis is a leading worldwide provider of non-ferrous metals. Their main area of expertise is the processing and optimal recovery of concentrates and raw recycling materials with complex qualities. Aurubis is Europe’s leading integrated copper group and the world’s largest copper recycler.

Vision on advanced analytics and SCOPE by Dr. Bianca Springub, Modeling & Advanced Analytics Research, Development & Innovation and Christophe Koenig, SVP Commercial.